IKSV Youth Workshops    

Event #1

Alt Kat-  May/June 2021 
MAKING MUSIC TOGETHER  Beraber Müzik Yaratmak

Traditional –> Transtraditional Music: A Beginning


For six Saturdays in May-June, 2021, Transtraditional Istanbul will introduce a series of practical workshops at IKSV Alt Kat bringing TTI’s practice-based research on transtraditional music-making to young musicians.  With 15-20 participants in IKSV’s spaces Alt Kat and Salon in Şişhane, a series of full day sessions with coaching and mentoring in Istanbul led by leading musicians with extensive experience in transtraditional music-making will stimulate creativity of the young musicians, using new methodologies developed over the past five years. These will directly train and inspire young players at an early age to understand and meet challenges of reaching across musical boundaries. 


Elif Obdan, host


Workshop facilitators
Ferhat Erdem (sipsi, kaval)
Amy Salsgiver (percussion)
Erdem Şimşek (bağlama)
Ulrich Mertin (viola)
Gizem Alever (composer)
Michael Ellison (composer)



TTI’s activities generate fruitful, novel interaction by creating interactive, creative learning experiences in which gaps in understanding, skill sets or practices between traditions are met head-on, encouraging and inspiring young musicians to finding pathways for creating music together, while–-critically–-providing tools for the accomplishment of these objectives and enlarging their range of skills as 21st century musicians in the process. TTI raises standards for the practice of today’s musicians, without in any way compromising traditional standards of the musics they have so far ‘grown up in’ and grown into—on the contrary the act of explaining one’s music to another remarkably often results with increasing the wonder of one’s own tradition (which is of course learned, albeit over years) whilst gaining clearer insight into another way, through interaction and through mutual problem solving and creation–-based on love of music, from whatever source.