Binboğalar Trio

The Binboğalar Trio formed in 2019 and early 2020, during workshops leading towards the creation of Michael Ellison’s Binboğalar Efsanesi, on Yaşar Kemal. Erdem Şimek, Staff in Balama Performance;  Turkish State Conservatory of Music (TMDK), Istanbul Technical University. Şimek’s mastery of Anatolian music and his work integrating advanced şelpe and guitar techniques into bağlama playing in  his  own

music in tandem with other virtuosi today makes this instrument a site par excellence for Transtraditional music. Şimek will coach workshop participants, select and arrange Trio repertoire, and aid TTI composers with notation. Uur Önür, TRT Kemane Sanatçısı (Performer) Renowned for his imaginative interpretations of Teke regional music and bozlak, Önür learned folk music at an early age in Burdur, attended ITÜ conservatory, and now performs with TRT Ankara and as a soloist and Ferhat Erdem, TRT Sipsi/Kaval Sanatçısı (Performer). From Dirmil (Burdur) Erdem studied with regional masters before embarking on a professional career at TRT at the age of 18; will both work with Şimek in coaching, arranging and preparing Trio repertoire. Ulrich Mertin, co-director, Hezarfen Ensemble and violist (Performer); Amy Salsgiver, staff, MIAM Centre for Advanced Studies in Music, Hezarfen Ensemble percussionist, will both work with Şimek integrating Western instruments into the ensemble for several pieces, and coaching Alt Kat workshops.

Erdem Şimşek
Uğur Önür
Ferhat Erdem